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“The Bradley Years”

The Bradley Years represent the definitive collection of steelband music arrangements and performances for a large steel orchestra. This collection showcases seven classic arrangements from the master arranger Clive Bradley.  Bradley is considered to be the best steelband music arranger ever by many, including his peers.  In addition, the arrangements are performed by one of the finest steelbands in the world, New York’s Pantonic Steel Orchestra. Clive Bradley had a very special relationship with Pantonic.  This orchestra clinched the title of panorama champions five times in seven years - performing Bradley’s musical works.  The performances were captured by Basement Recordings days before, and in one instance, mere moments before they took the stage for the prestigious annual steelband music panorama competition. 

The recordings capture, reproduce and present an unrivalled clarity with sonic realism, of a large steel orchestra fielding between one hundred and one hundred twenty musicians - unlike any other steelband music recordings in its class.

This body of musical work is a sterling addition for all fans, educators, players, historians and fine music collectors.
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Web Posted - Thursday 17 August, 2017
When Steel Talks

United Kingdom Steelband 2017 Panorama Line-up

British FlagUnited Kingdom.  - UK Panorama Championships 2017  Hosted by British Association of Steelbands - BAS scheduled for Saturday 26th August at the National Stadium. Eight steel orchestras will participate.
more details, listing

Web Posted - Wednesday 16 August, 2017
When Steel Talks

Steelpan Photo Exhibit goes to South Trinidad

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C. will be taking its Steelpan Photographic Exhibition to San Fernando as the organization continues to celebrate Pan Month.

After a successful run in Port of Spain, it will the southern city’s turn to host the event. This takes place on Friday 18 August at the Harris Promenade, San Fernando, between the hours of 9:00 a.m.—6:00 p.m.

The display is one of the activities in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Declaration of the Steelpan as the National Instrument of Trinidad & Tobago.
read more

Web Posted - Monday 14 August, 2017
When Steel Talks

Message to the Grenada Pan Community From Government - Promises a Comprehensive Probe

Flag of GrenadaSt. George’s, Grenada, W.I.  - The Government of Grenada will launch an investigation into the circumstances which led to the postponement of the National Panorama Championship scheduled for Saturday 12th August at the National Stadium.

The government is extremely concerned about the fact that Panorama did not take place as planned and pan lovers, as well as pan players, including the large number of young people, were deprived of an opportunity to participate in this rich annual cultural tradition.

The government expresses solidarity with pan lovers and everyone in general following the last-minute postponement of this important aspect of our carnival and culture.
read more

Web Posted - Monday August 14, 2017
The New Today

Resignation of Kirk Seetahal?

St. George’s, Grenada, W.I. - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Spicemas Corporation (SMC), Kirk Seetahal has remained tight-lipped about reports circulating in some quarters in the country that he has decided to call it a day after three years on the job.

THE NEW TODAY has received information that the SMC boss tendered his resignation but was asked to hold on until after the end of the Carnival Season.

When contacted Wednesday by this newspaper for comment on the issue, Seetahal did [not] confirm or deny the allegation but was less than forthcoming with information.
read more

Web Posted - Sunday 13 August, 2017
When Steel Talks

Pan on d’Avenue VI Is On! - Steelbands On Parade

Woodbrook-St. James Community Association logoTrinidad & Tobago, W.I.  - “On Saturday August 26th 2017, the Woodbrook/St. James Community Association is once again planning to have Pan on d’Avenue along Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook. The parade route this year is from Taylor Street heading east to Colville Street. This year’s event will be dedicated to deceased Stephen Derek - Masman, Wire bender and resident of Woodbrook.

...There will be an opening ceremony at 6:30 p.m. on Ariapita Avenue just in front Adam-Smith Square. ....Around thirty bands are expected to be ‘on the move’ in the parade, accompanied by traditional mas characters and moko jumbies. It is expected to run until 2:30 a.m.
read more

Web Posted - Saturday 12 August, 2017
When Steel Talks

Gross Disrespect to Steelband Musicians - Bands Boycott Grenada Panorama 2017 - Performance Stage Not Built

“Stage” at Panorama competition time (Grenada National Stadium); image by R. Cadet

St. George’s, Grenada, W.I.  - Incredibly, what was expected to be the annual Grenada National Panorama competition, a musical showcase with hundreds of musicians at their best - never was. As a result of the lack of a proper stage, facilities, and overall venue preparation - the eight participating Grenada steel orchestras have just voted to boycott the 2017 Panorama at an emergency meeting.

This - as the Panorama itself was scheduled and advertised to get underway earlier this evening at 7:00 p.m. EST, Saturday August 12th - two and a half hours ago. So, at showtime, the bands REFUSED to mount, and perform on, a stage that was incomplete and not ready for the steel orchestras.

....One could just imagine how palpable the disappointment—putting it mildly—of the pan players is. The many, many nights spent practicing with the exhilaration and expectancy from all the musicians, but especially the pre-teens and teenagers - all for naught. Unless you are someone who has practiced and geared up for Panorama, you cannot begin to imagine how this fiasco resulting in no Panorama, has affected them, especially.
read more

Web Posted - Saturday 12, August, 2017
When Steel Talks

Unsung Heroes

Unsung Hereos

United Kingdom  - Unsung Heroes pays tribute to the people who contribute for love of culture. Inspired by, the fact that we have been guilty of celebrating achievement after people have died. Therefore, it is an attempt to change our mindset collectively, to recognise and to celebrate each other. This original composition celebrates some people who are beacons of culture, hope, activism, creativity and community.
read more

Web Posted - Tuesday 8 August, 2017
When Steel Talks

Hells Gate Steel Orchestra & Arranger Khan Cordice - Antigua & Barbuda Panorama Champions Once Again in 2017

Hells Gate Steel Orchestra musician happily receives 2017 Panorama Championship trophy from Antigua & Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne

St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda, W.I.  - All nine bands were set for the country’s August 4th steelband showcase, officially designated the “Antigua Commercial Bank George “Nugget” Joseph Panorama Competition.”

....With hours of steel excellence expected, the field of the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG) aka Carnival City - was quite well populated with steelband music lovers even before the first notes were struck, and the crowd swelled even more into the night.

Title defender Halcyon was denied its fourteenth title, dethroned by Hells Gate Steel Orchestra which snagged its nineteenth National Panorama Championship in 2017.

....Hells Gate arranger Khan “KC” Cordice simply killed it on this night. He again reaffirmed why he is one of the première young steel orchestra arrangers in the world. For those of us who have followed Khan from the time he was a very promising youth almost ten years ago, it is no longer about potential. It is now about delivering the goods on that promise. He has—time and time again (this is his sixth National Panorama championship title)—and then some.
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Web Posted - Tuesday 8 August, 2017
When Steel Talks

Observance of the 25th Anniversary of Declaration of the Steelpan as the National Musical Instrument of Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In observance of the 25th Anniversary of Declaration of the Steelpan as the National Musical Instrument of Trinidad & Tobago, Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C. will be hosting a photographic exhibition on Friday 11th August 2017, at the Brian Lara Promenade (between Chacon and Abercromby Streets), Port of Spain. The exhibition runs from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Under the theme, “The Steelpan Journey from Tamboo Bamboo to G-Pan,” the exhibition features a number of photographs in black and white and colour.
read more

Web Posted - Monday August 7, 2017
The New Today

The struggles of Panorama

St. George’s, Grenada, W.I. - CEO of Spicemas Corporation (SMC), Kirk Seetahal, has reiterated that Panorama continues to be a major challenge for the state-influenced body.

However, Seetahal told reporters at a press briefing that despite the problem all is not lost as Panorama is considered as a work in progress.

He said the SMC has continuously tried working with the Pan Association and will continue the work to ensure that Pan meets its full potential.

“Sometimes in the interest of the product and the culture we want to encourage people to … try something different. Often it is met with resistance in the meeting and then you see something else on television but it is continuously a work in progress,” he added.
read more

Web Posted - Monday 7 August, 2017
When Steel Talks

Pan Trinbago Says It Is Not Irrelevant

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Listening to comments being made by some of the detractors of the Steelpan fraternity following the success of the show staged by five of the leading large Steelbands in Trinidad, one would believe that there is some new development in the Steelpan world that now makes Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C irrelevant.

Most of these neophytes, who have gained some verbal strength by suckling on the breast of Pan Trinbago, would not recall that over the years, Pan Trinbago has been advocating that the Steelbands, individually and or collectively, wean themselves by promoting shows and organizing programs to enhance their image, especially events that would sustain them financially, outside of the Carnival season.
read more

Web Posted - Sunday August 6, 2017
Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Priest urges Pan Trinbago: Set aside internal biases, work to improve image

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In spite of the poor attendance at Pan Trinbago’s Annual Interfaith Service yesterday, officials are being urged to set aside internal biases and concentrate on working together to improve and promote the organisation’s public image.

Urged to channel efforts into the promotion of the steelpan as they celebrated the 25th anniversary of the declaration of the steelpan as T&T’s national musical instrument, Interim Rector at the Trinity Cathedral, Port-of-Spain - Fr. Carl Williams said petty squabbles often generated conflicts that distracted from the mission of the organisation.
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Web Posted - Saturday August 5, 2017
Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

NCC: Panmen to be paid by month’s end

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Panmen who were not paid their stipend for their appearance in the 2017 Panorama competition should be paid by the end of this month says National Carnival Commission (NCC) Chairman Kenny De Silva.

In response to Thursday’s Newsday article on panmen not being paid yet, De Silva, in a release issued on Thursday night, said, “On the payment of the stipend for 2017, the NCC is also in the process of facilitating the issuing of the cheques which should be available for the pan players by the end of August 2017.” Meanwhile, the NCC is denying that it owes Pan Trinbago the sum of $4.5 million. Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz confirmed to Newsday yesterday that the NCC does not owe Pan Trinbago that sum, he said, it owes the pan players $4.5 million or even more.
read more

Web Posted - Friday 4 August, 2017
When Steel Talks

No Transportation to Antigua & Barbuda National Steelband Panorama - Panache Push Racks Miles to Carnival City

Panache Steel Orchestra - Antigua - band logo - When Steel Talks

St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - Panache Steel Orchestra, first-time entrant in Antigua & Barbuda’s National Panorama competition in 2017, was apparently left stranded. With no means of transporting their racks and instruments to the competition venue of Carnival City (Antigua’s Recreation Grounds (ARG)) miles away from their panyard, players had to come up with a solution.

As they are playing in first position tonight, Friday August 4 - band members, including arranger Zahra Lake were among the small group of around eight who took the initiative, and undertook the task of rolling the racks to the venue.
read more

Web Posted - Wednesday 2 August, 2017
When Steel Talks

Antigua & Barbuda National Steelband Panorama - Order of Appearance

St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - Nine steel orchestras, including defending champs Halcyon Steel Orchestra, take the stage in two days' time in the annual steelband panorama.

The order of appearance for the August 4 competition is available.  Panorama first-timers Panache Steel Orchestra will be first on stage.
read more

Web Posted - Tuesday July 25, 2017
When Steel Talks

Serious Pan in July - Big 5 - The Pan Concert

Big5 The Pan Concert

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In one fell swoop the event elevated the past, present and future of pan in Trinidad and Tobago. More importantly, in July, people are talking seriously about Pan in Trinidad all over the world...
read more

Web Posted - Sunday July 23, 2017
When Steel Talks

Big 5 Notes by Dalton Narine

Big5 The Pan Concert

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - These musicians are pouring their hearts out to diverse audiences, and yet there's a lack of professionalism in the control room. Audio is hardly sound. Life certainly isn't perfect, for sure. Still and all, great show by the performers. Pure creativity bursting forth. Exodus, Phase II, Renegades, Desperadoes and Trinidad All Stars put on their dan dan and a well-crafted show the likes of which I would never have dreamed could take shape.
read more

Web Posted - Saturday July 22, 2017
When Steel Talks

Big 5 The Pan Concert - Live Stream - 7-22-17


Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Big 5 – The Pan Concert. Massy Trinidad All Stars, Desperadoes, bp Renegades, Republic Bank Exodus and Phase II Pan Groove in collaboration with HADCO - live - Trinidad and Tobago.
Watch Live stream

Web Posted - Wednesday July, 19, 2017
When Steel Talks

Meet Zahra Lake
Antigua & Barbuda

Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form

Zahra Lake

Woman symbolAntigua & Barbuda, W.I. - “At age 25 I will be a first time, female arranger on a National Panorama stage and I want that to inspire other women to take that leap….it is humbling and a great burden at the same time. I am ready for the challenge.”

In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - multitalented instructor and musician Zahra Lake shares her, intellect, optimism, expectations and views on the Steel Pan music art form in Antigua & Barbuda and more.
read more

Web Posted - Saturday 18, July, 2017
When Steel Talks

Antigua & Barbuda National Panorama Steel Orchestra Music Competition
The Anatomy of Panorama 2017 - Quick Chart

Flag of Antigua & Barbuda

St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - Nine steel orchestras are scheduled to take the stage in the capital of Antigua & Barbuda to vie for the crown of 2017 Panorama champs. Eight of them are attempting to dethrone reigning champions Halcyon Steel Orchestra, which will be going with the selection ‘Miserable’ arranged by champion arranger Devon Bachelor.
read more

Web Posted - Saturday 15 July, 2017
When Steel Talks

St. Lucia Panorama 2017 Results - Babonneau Steel Orchestra’s Triumphant Return with Arranger Alison Marquis - Champions!

Babonneau Steel Orchestra

Castries, St. Lucia, W.I. - After a one-year hiatus, the return of Babonneau Steel Orchestra led by champion arranger Alison Marquis was a triumphant one. With a musical army seventy-nine strong and appearing in position three out of six, the band displayed its trademark musical skill set, in a presentation of a classic kaiso by St. Lucian calypsonian Herb Black called One Day’s Work.

Grey slacks and ties, and grey ‘farmer browns’ paired with white shirts, were the choice of attire for the members as they deftly and with style, sashayed through their piece, ending at 11:05 p.m. on this Friday night. Babonneau last took the National Panorama title back in 2012, but were stumped at second-place for the next three years. With this year’s triumph, the orchestra now has three Panorama titles under its belt. 
read more

Web Posted - Saturday July 15, 2017
Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Youth taking pan higher

Coming some distance, Akinolah Sennon of Siparia Deltones performs at Lemuel Davis' benefit.

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - With most of the old guard of the steelband world in the autumn of their years it is now up to the youth to take the national instrument forward and upward to greener pastures and higher ground. Almost every one of our steel orchestras, inclusive of Trinidad All Stars, Desperadoes, Exodus, Renegades, Invaders and Skiffle, are all blessed with qualified and excellent musicians.

Recently the youth of Exocubs were the stars at a graduation exercise held at the Eastern Main Road pan amphitheatre of Republic Bank Exodus in St Augustine.
read more

Web Posted
When Steel Talks

WST Steelband Panorama 2017 logo
2017 Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Review - the Good, Bad and Ugly

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The 2017 Trinidad and Tobago Panorama season—and by extension the Carnival season—was a tumultuous one that was overflowing with enough drama, intrigue, passion and controversy to field a season of Scandal, Empire or Game of Thrones. But in the end there was the music. An abundance of great music created by the finest arrangers, and outstanding performances delivered by the best steel orchestras in the world.

Two songs captured the imagination of Trinidad and Tobago for this 2017 Panorama and Carnival season - “Full Extreme” by Ultimate Rejects and “Good Morning” by Peter Ram. In fact, “Good Morning” became sort of the de-facto “test piece” as no other tune of choice has endeared itself to the steel orchestras as much in recent times. However, on closer inspection Bunji Garlin & Machel Montano’s “Buss Head” or Crazy’s “Gee Gee Ree” would be apropos to telling the complete Panorama season’s story.
read more

Web Posted
When Steel Talks

Early Trinidad and Tobago Steelbands Names Associated with Hollywood Movies


Global - Within the historical context, a look at the impact of American movies on the naming of early steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago.
read more

Web Posted
When Steel Talks

WST Steelband Panorama 2017 logo
 Complete Summary of Results of all Conventional Steel Orchestras - 2017 Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - At a glance and on a single page, access the comprehensive summary of results for the Small, Medium and Large conventional steel orchestras participating in their respective categories in the 2017 Panorama.

Follow the musical journey of respective bands through all three phases - preliminaries, semi-finals and finals through data on band info, scores, tunes of choice and arrangers.
access full summary here

WST Steelband Panorama 2017 logo

 Tunes of Choice - Trinidad & Tobago Steelband Panorama 2017

Tunes of Choice for Steelband Panorama 2017

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - A unique playlist featuring only the music selected as Tunes of Choice for the Trinidad and Tobago 2017 Steelband Panorama and Carnival.
listen to playlist

Web Posted
When Steel Talks


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Web Posted
When Steel Talks - Special

Champion Panorama Tunes of Trinidad and Tobago

Panorama Champion TunesGlobal - A critical component to winning any panorama competition is the song the orchestras choose to use as the basis of their panorama arrangements. Over the years these songs have inspired classic panorama arrangements. When Steel Talks invites you to take a look at and listen to, these famed tunes which have played more than just a cursory part in the history of Pan, and the lives of the players and fans.
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